Northland Fishing Tackle

Northland Tackle COLORADO BLADES size 2 #064

USD $2.89


Genuine Northland Fishing Tackle walleye spinner blades.

Colorado blades spin at the slowest speeds and produce the most thumping and vibration. When making your walleye spinner rigs, you can make them float by adding our live bait rig floats between the hook and the spinner blade. You can also make them a floating walleye rig by using one of our many soft live bait floating jig heads in place of the rear hook. Use some of our fishing lure beads as a spacer between the soft jig head and the lure blade. Walleyes that are foraging on minnows they usually key in on the eye of the minnow and attack from the side. To take advantage of this use one of our eye minnow beads on your walleye rig.



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