Northland Reed Runner 1/4oz Spinnerbait: WHITE and BLACK minnow with a NICKEL #3 1/2 & #3 willow

USD $2.49



Northland Reed Runner 1/4 oz Spinnerbait: WHITE AND BACK minnow with a NICKEL #3 1/2 Willow and a red and black eye. 


This spinnerbait needs a skirt added or can be used with a soft plastic such as eye candy, Liquid willowcat, or impulse baits.  


once completed these baits will work to attract any predatory gamefish. Spinnerbaits work around any structure to draw out the fish to strike. You can troll or cast these baits; both are effective. 



Length: 82mm

Height: 55mm

#3 1/2 Willow Blade: 

Length: 40mm

Height: 14mm

# 3 Willow blade:

 Length: 32mm

 Height: 11mm




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