Looks Alive Minnow Beads CHROME BLUE SHAD

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  • Looks Alive Minnow Beads CHROME BLUE SHAD
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CHROME BLUE SHAD 3 pack of "LOOKS ALIVE" Minnow Beads for night worm harnesses. These awesome lure beads are shaped just like a real minnow! They make any walleye rig or live bait rig look like a mini crankbait.  Use them in place of your round beads on your walleye trolling rig ( use a small round bead as a bearing bead between these and your clevis).

Use them plain with no other lure components, with just a small propeller blade or with a combination of rig floats and other beads. You can place them before or after the blade on your walleye harness.

Give the walleye something new to look at for an edge against your competitors! Try them in your next fishing tournament!

Design and colors are copyright  2017 of Walleye Supply

Length: 30mm  (About 1.25" long)

Material: Plastic

Hole size: About 1.75mm




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