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DUTCH FORK: Tomahawk Wing Blade Size 1 Orange UV 3/Pk

MIC 108
USD $4.59


DUTCH FORK: Tomahawk Wing blade 3 Pack! 


 Just like the Butterfly blade the tomahawk wing blade was made to move well with very slight movement. 


like the other Dutch Fork blades, we carry this style is made from polycarbonate. This makes the blade very light and is able to troll well at speeds as slow as 0.05mph and will not foul at 3 mph. however this blade also performs well at fast trolling speeds as well. Size #1: about 11/16" and Size #2: about 1"

Great ways to rig up the Tomahawk wing blade or Butterfly/Tahoe blade are:

Butterfly blade followed by 3 6mm beads or any other combo of round beads.

Butterfly blade followed by a minnow blade, Looks alive minnow blade, or mayfly.

Butterfly blade followed by stack beads. 

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