Copy of NORTHLAND FISHING TACKLE Eye Candy Paddle Shad Smoke Shad

USD $7.99


NORTHLAND FISHING TACKLES EYE-CANDY is brand new 2023 plastics. They are all made of a super TPE material made to change walleye fishing for all anglers. TPE is an amazing new material that is stretchy, durable, soft, buoyant and will return to its new state after being stretched up to 30 inches longer than its starting length. TPE is also able to hold up bite after bite as you fish.


NORTHLAND FISHING TACKLE EYE CANDY PADDLE SHAD SMOKE SHAD: The Paddle shad is 3.5 inches with a boot like tail and a ribbed minnow like body. The Tail is designed to wiggle, swim, and wage either slowly or quickly through the water. The Paddle Shad is also made up of the new TPE material is reliable bite after bite. 




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