Montana Walleye blades 1.25" XP Silver

USD $2.99


Ram Lures Montana spinner blades provides a shaking, wiggling life-like action even at slow speeds. The new XP version of the Montana blades is much more durable and does not require any preparation for perfect performance in the water. Between the reflective flash and the vibration from trolling through the water these blades attract walleye, trout, salmon, and jumbo perch. These blades are able to preform at trolling speeds as low as 0.8mph or 3+ mph. These blades do not add extra weight to your line. Montana blades work with many harnesses and slow death rigs.

These walleye harness blades make a great addition to your selection of lure making components for the do it yourself fisherman. You can pair these with plain beads, stack beads, or Looks Alive minnow beads. It is best to have the bead combo of your choice extend the length of the blade lightly stretched out before the hook with the bait or plastic of your choice.


One package contains 5 Montana blades

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